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SD WAN - Next Generation

Intent Based Networking

Certificate Management

File / Email Encryption

Enterprise DNS Management

Network Access Control

RiskIQ Venafi BooleBox

Digital Threat Management , Outside the Firewall. Internet intelligence that lets you take charge of your digital presence and combat threats to your organization.

Digital Certificates and Cryptographic keys management solution. Protect your machine identities, with automated workflow and provisioning

Secured Sharing of Corporate Data Platform for DRM (Digital Rights Management) | IRM (Information Rights Management) | DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

# Monitors your website, social-media, mobile-apps,..
# Protects against Brand Abusement, phishing,Domain infringement,..
# Digital Footprint analyzes your Known, Unknown and rogue Assets
# SOC, Asset Management- Enrich Investigations with Complex DataSets

# Discovers all internal/external certificates
# Take Control of Your complete Public Key Infrastructure
# Enforce security policies for DevOps certificates without slowing development
# Eliminate certificate outages

# Guaranteed military Encryption with AES Standard
# Share your Top secret files using BooleBox Multi Personal keys
# Enhanced features : anti-screen capture, watermarks, timt limit,..
# Special plug-ins for Outlook\ Gmail\ File\ Sharepoint encryption

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Cato Networks

Forward Networks


Next Generation SD-WAN as a Service A global, cloud-based SD-WAN with built-in network security stack for all enterprise locations, cloud resources and mobile users

Intent Based Networking Solution Forward Networks builds a software replica of an entire network to analyze and verify the network’s forwarding and security behaviour.

Network Access Control Solution Industrial Infrastructure Control - 100% Detection & Management of SCADA-Controlled Devices

# The Top Global MPLS Alternative
# The Only SD-WAN With Built-in Firewall as a Service
# Optimizes all your disparate cloud data centers into a Single, Secure Network
# Mobile VPN Replacement with Integrated Software-defined Perimeter

# Search all networking configurations within seconds
# Predict Network behavior under adverse conditions
# Verify Network intent and security policy compliance at speed
# Automated Network Documentation and Network Inventory

# 100% visibility of the entire network in real time
# Scalable for vast networks beyond 1,000,000 endpoints
# Full Control of All Network Devices Monitor, Configure, and Control at a Granular Level
# Freedom from Vendor Lock-In: Manages Mixed Networks

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Enterprise level DNS | DHCP | IPAM solution. Centrally managed, highly automated platform that leverages DNS data to secure your network

AI-Driven Network Security Leverages the latest detection, correlation and automation, analysing fileless and file-based malware before damage.

# Centralized DNS Integrity
# Zero Touch Administration
# Eliminate SIEM blindspots
# Enhanced DNS Level Security
# Increease cloud and virtual agility

# Next generation intrusion detection
# Protects against emerging threats before 13 months
# AI based detection
# Advanced AI Decision Support

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