Digital Threat Management, Outside the Firewall

75% of attacks occur outside firewall !!

 The RiskIQ Platform : Detect, Understand, and Mitigate Digital Threats

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RiskIQ PassiveTotal™

RiskIQ Digital Footprint™

RiskIQ External Threats™

Investigate and Connect your internal anomalies or indicators of compromise (IOCs) with threat actors, their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Attackers will often find unknown, unprotected, and un-monitored assets to breach.Discover and Monitor Your Attack Surface Outside the Firewall

External threats are malicious campaigns and threat actors that attempt to exploit security exposures in your attack surface that exist outside the firewall.

More Than 25,000 Security Analysts Trust RiskIQ for Comprehensive Internet Data. Identify and Block all Threat Infrastructure used by the attackers

Continuouly Monitor and scan your Digital Assets for Malware Infrastructure, Defacement Web, Compliance,and PII/GDPR Adherence

RiskIQ External Threats™ uses virtual user technology as it crawls the internet, experiencing websites, paste sites, social media profiles, mobile apps

PassiveTotal helps answer questions like

  • ✔ Who is attacking me?
  • ✔ How many certificates expired?
  • ✔ Where are the attacks coming from?
  • ✔ What infrastructure belongs to them?
  • ✔ What are the datasets, capturing the attack?

Discover your internet-facing assets

  • ✔ Domain names and webpages
  • ✔ Hosts, IP addresses and blocks
  • ✔ WHOIS registration information
  • ✔ SSL Certificates
  • ✔ ASNs

Some of the Targeted external threats

  • ✔ Phishing
  • ✔ Domain and subdomain infringement
  • ✔ Card cracking(RDC) fraud
  • ✔ Email spoofing
  • ✔ Phone & SMShing, etc..

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